Steam Generator – Model Atomo

Model Atomo

Steam generator 20-40 kg/h

Steam generator with horizontal water tubes with extremely reduced dimensions, so that it can be installed anywhere, even in particularly small spaces. The generator is mounted on a stainless steel platform of cm. 50x50 and is equipped with all the equipment as well as of a tank for recovery of feeding water and condensate, made in stainless steel.

On request we can provide also:

  • all taps and fittings in stainless steel
  • burner for gas or gasoil
  • water softener
  • pressure reducer valve
  • pneumatic valve, timed, for automatic discharge
  • kit for automatic on/off
  • kit for exercise pressure 10 BAR
  • kit for pre-heating of feeding water
  • kit for forced ventilation

PDF datasheet