Steam Generator – Model E

Model E

Electric steam generator 16-24-32 Kw

Electric steam generator with immersed heating elements, which is used in all utilities where you can not install a chimney.

It 's very compact and small ( floor space cm. 68x73 - height max. 110 )

it is supplied complete with: taps and fittings, electric pump three-phase or single-phase, electrical control panel and a small tank for recovery of feeding water and condensate, made in stainless steel.

On request we can provide also:

  • all taps and fittings in stainless steel
  • burner for gas or gasoil
  • water softener
  • pressure reducer valve
  • pneumatic valve, timed, for automatic discharge
  • kit for automatic on/off
  • electric pump for high temperature

PDF datasheet